How to Recover Deleted Data In Terabox Cloud Storage?

Terabox is one of the best solution for low storage android devices. You can store up to 1TB data in Terabox Cloud storage account. Terabox has a good feature which manages your data in a very smooth way. Terabox has a strong system which organize your data. With the help of this feature you can manage and access your media files, documents, pictures and videos.

In case if Terabox account is deleted , can the data be retrieved. In this blog post we have detailed instructions and information about the recovery of important media files. Read this article with detail.

Recover Deleted Data In Terabox

What will be happened if Terabox Account is Deleted?

If you have deleted some files mistakenly , you can easily restore your data in the recycle bin section of Terabox MOD Account. It keeps the deleted data for one month. You can access or restore data within 30 days. But unfortunatly if you have deleted your account permanently , then it is not possible to access the data or account again.

If you have subscribed the premium Plan of Terabox , then there is chance for data recovery. In this case you have to contact the Terabox help team to get data back. With Terabox Premium Unlocked account your storage and data safety increases.

Further more , here is the step by step guide for recovery of account.

  • Login into Your account , if you have singed up with google or Facebook then login with it.
  • After Login , Click on Navigation Menu which is located on the Top of the profile.
  • Go to the Recycle Bin section and You will see all the item which have been deleted.
  • Click on the target file which you want to restore.
  • After clicking you will see the restore option and click on it.

After clicking on Restore button , data will be moved again into your storage section. Now you can access the files. A standered user can recover the data for 10 days from Bin and premium user can get this offer for 30 Days.


Above article have complete guide and instruction for recovery of deleted data in the Terabox Account. A complete step by step guide is provided which is very clear for all users. Terms and conditions for standered and Premium are also described. For More guides and details follow the Guide Section of Terabox.

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