How To Logout From Terabox Account In Latest Version?

In the recent time, every device has limited amount of storage capacity. Due to using heavy files and apps in the mobile devices, people are always looking for easy solution for keeping their data. Terabox is an application which is allowing you to store the data upto 1TB. It is a cloud storage server. Cloud storage is actually a virtual storage which is access through Internet.

In this blog post, we are going to guide you about the Terabox account logout method. It is very easy and user-friendly method for logging out from your digital storage. Logging Out means that you will be offline from your Terabox MOD APK Account. Whenever you will Login to your account you will be able to check your data again.

Terabox Mod APK is a cloud storage server which allows you to store your files like images, videos, audios and documents virtually. With these beautiful features there also some drawbacks of every application. Same like this Terabox MOD APK has some issues. To get rid of these issues you must need to logout from your Terabox Account. Below we have guided with details for logging out from Terabox Apk.

How To Logout From Terabox Account In Latest Version?

How to Logout from Android/IOS?

Official Terabox should must be installed before logging out from android device. If you have installed official Terabox app in your android devices, Please follow the given steps.

  1. Login your Terabox app, if you don’t have premium plan, then please skip the ads which is shown on mobile screen. If you want to get rid of these ads from app, you need to install Terabox MOD APK.
  2. Click on profile section shown on the sidebar.
  3. After clicking on profile, you will see setting option in the list.
  4. After clicking on setting, there will be Option of Logout which is shown in the figure below.
  5. Just hit the button of Logout and confirm it.

Now you are logged out from your Terabox Account.

How to Logout Terabox Account from PC/Laptop?

If you are using Terabox cloud storage on your PC/Laptop, it is very easy to logout from there. This method is simpler then Mobile. Please follow the given steps for loggin out.

  1. Search in the same browser which you are using already for Terabox storage.
  2. After visiting website, you will see an option as profile on the right corner.
  3. Just bring your mouse to the profile, a dropdown menu will be shown.
  4. Click on sing out option and it will show a pop up screen.
  5. Confirm by clicking OK button.

Now you are logged out from Terabox APK from PC.

Why you should Logout from Terabox?

Keeping Login always to the Terabox app wil keep busy your device’s processor. Logging Out not only keep your account secure , it also boost your processor performance. Below are some major reasons for logging out.

  • Prevent Unauthorized access: Keeping logout keeps your data secure and no one can access your cloud storage data.
  • Save Resources: It boost your device performance and saves your internet data consumption.
  • Privacy Maintenance:  Keeping logout your Terabox account make sure that no one can see your stored data. For Privacy maintenance is is compulsory to logout. It is very good step for essential security system.


Logging out from Terabox MOD APK is very easy and simpler on Mobile and PC. This article guide you totally about for logging out Terabox account. It keeps your account protected from third person access. We always recommend logging out after using Terabox Account.

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