How to Delete Terabox Account Permanently?

Terabox is a virtual storage server which offers upto 1TB free cloud storage. All the important media like documents , pictures and videos can be stored very easily. If you are low on storage in your android device Terabox MOD APK is perfect solution for You.

If you want to delete Terabox app and account from your device its method is very easy and simple. Terabox mod account can be deleted in few clicks. People mostly uses Mod Terabox to avoid from ads. It has sometime issue of security breach.

Below we have guided the complete method of deactivating or deleting your Terabox account permanently. You can delete your account by using Application of Terabox .

How to Delete Terabox Account On Application?

Here is the complete guide for deleting terabox account using official application of Terabox. Offical Terabox can be downloaded from playstore. Follow the Given steps and delete your account easily.

Step 1: Open Terabox app in your phone. If you are not using premium or mod version please skip the ads.

Step 2: Click on your profile and go to the ‘Setting’.

Step 3: When you click on “Setting” , You will see the Security center and click on “security center”.

Step 4: Check the Delete section and click on delete your account.

Step 5: Read the precautions and give the reason why you are deleting your account to Terabox. You can also skip the reason providing to the App.

Step 5: Click on “Delete your Account” and confirm the pop-up for confirmation.

Your Terabox is account is deleted Now. Here we have some suggestion for your benefits before deleting your account.

What To Do Before Deleting Your Terabox Account?

If you are sure for deleting your Terabox account permanently we would recommend to do some important steps before deleting. These steps are given below.

Contact Customer Solution: If you are facing any issue in your Terabox and thats the reason for deletion. It is recommended to contact the Terabox customer support team of terabox before deletion. It is possible that your issue can be resolved by Team.

Back up Your Files: Make sure that you have downloaded all the files from your Virtual Terabox Storage account. Once you have deleted your account , it will not be restored and you will loose your data.

Confirm Account Deactivation/Deletion: Make sure that you have done all the security precautions for your data safety before clicking on confirmation button for deletion of account. You will not be able to login again into your account. Your account will be singed out from all the devices.

Reason for Deletion of Account?

There can be multiple reason for deleting Terabox account. It can be customer choice or better storage options. Some important reasons can be following.

No More Need of Virtual cloud storage: Sometime user have no more further need for cloud storage. In this condition user delete their Terabox account.

Privacy Concern: Due to privacy concern some users want to delete their account. They worry about their data safety or data leakage that’s why they don’t store data in Terabox.

Better Storage Server: Some time user find better storage server then Terabox and they choose better services.

You can read other guides about terabox mod apk in this website in the guides section.

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